Monday, March 9, 2009

One more thing from Alina's birthday...

Alina's music teacher sent me this photo today... It was taken on her birthday while Alina was singing the Stevie Wonder song "Isn't She Lovely" to her class during the "talent share" portion of the week. She learned about Stevie Wonder through her teacher, and had been listening to his songs at home. She asked me to print out the lyrics.
Once she learned the lyrics, she would sing to anyone who would listen. I heard her on the phone talking to her Aunt Carolyn, and she was singing the song. When I picked up the phone, my sister was crying.
I told Alina that the sentiments expressed in the song about a beautiful newborn baby girl were exactly the ones I felt when I saw my eight month old girl for the first time in Baby House #3 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, which this Fall will be nine years ago.

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  1. What beautiful sentiments and so appropos! Yes, Alina is absolutely lovely -- I can only imagine how your door will be a'knocking when she is a teen. Oh boy! But, alas, let's not rush things. Happy 9th birthday Alina! Maybe you'll inspire Emma to be brave and ger her own ears pierced. She wants it so badly but is petrified. She thought 100 was a great age to get them pierced.