Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mac's Book Presentation

This morning Mac gave his book/author presentation, selecting his favorite series "Bionicle" as the books to present. He brought a couple of the action figures as well to add to the event.
All of the children were polite and took turns asking questions, then they each wrote a critique of each presentation.
I can't believe how big my son is getting! I am taking all three kids to St. Simons Island to a conference next week, and Mac is very excited to take three days off school and going to a place where he has many fond memories of our family going when he and Alina were very young.
I am in a constant state of prayer that I am doing everything right in my new role as single-half-time-custody-parent. I have been slipping up to Chattanooga on mornings that I do not have the children to attend the Chapel service at their school. Both Alina and Mac leave their classmates and sit with me! I know that I can't expect that to last long, but they are sweet and seem sincerely to want to spend just a few minutes together in silence before they are dismissed to their classes.
As for Cal, I try to talk to him on the phone each day. He sounds so much older everytime I speak to him. His speech patterns, pronunciation and everything is improving. I miss all of them so much when I do not have them.

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