Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mac's Country Presentation

In Ms. McCorkle's class, Mac was to give a presentation, and make some visual aids, for any country in the world. He immediately chose Kazakhstan, the country of his birth.

Mac made me very proud as he patiently listened to his classmates give their presentations. A good friend of his who was born and adopted in Russia gave his presentation, and a classmate from India also gave a talk on the country of her heritage. All of the children are learning to listen, to take notes and give positive response to the presenter by asking questions or making comments.
For his visual presentation, he made a mobile with a small drawing of the Kazakhstan flag, a felt model of a "yurta" (portable tent housing), and some photos of Mac when he visited Kazakhstan in 2006.
I am very proud of Mac. He is a very smart child, and impresses me each day with the depth and breadth of his understanding of the world.

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  1. Hi there. I remember reading your blog to Mac and Alina before we travelled to Almaty (April 2006) It gave us hope our day would too come - and it did!!

    So glad to hear you went back again and brought your two eldest. We have no plans for another child (have one bio almost 9, and our kaz cutie almost 4) but we would love to bring him back to Kaz one day.

    Good luck in this time of change.

    Hang on tight and hugs those kids.