Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I don't know how I would have made it through this transition without my family. They helped me secure this wonderful new home, they helped me bring it up to living standards after years of not being occupied, and my sisters pitched in to get me a mattress and box springs - except that it triggered a frustrating roller coaster ride with Sears as to whether or not they would actually send me these items, and whether they would send the right items. First, as I waited for the delivery, they told me that they for some reason had cancelled the order. Weeks later, they told me the order was in, but that there was only one-half of the box springs, meaning that I would be in constant danger of a tilt that would roll any occupant off the bed!
Finally, today it came, but the drama did not cease. The delivery man tried to argue that it was a queen size mattress that they sent, for a king size bed! Finally, I just told him to try it. It fit perfectly.
I needed to get Cal down for a nap. Trouble was, he had quietly hidden himself thinking that I would forget all about the nap requirement! - McP

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