Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our New Friend

I was excited for the kids to finally meet our next door neighbors. A couple expecting a new baby live there, but every other weekend and all Summer a nine year old boy comes there to live with his Dad.
I had heard the couple speak of the child, but today we all got to meet him. I was at first thrilled to note that he is Asian too! Hogan's mother is Korean, and he lives in Chattanooga through the week and across the state line in Georgia on the weekends. He is a great kid, is into all that Mac and Alina love, and they all hit it off. He and Mac share interests in Bionicle, Pokemon, Bakugan, Nintendo, and they are both reading the "Warriors" series books!
I am very happy that we are all developing a feeling of "neighborhood" around here! - McP

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